Medical Clinic & Naturopathy

A Touch of Light 333 Preston St.

From the moment you meet our professional staff, headed by Dr. Suzanne Rydzik, and visit our state of the art facility, you will discover how A Touch of Light can help to make you feel and look good.

Adnan Osteopathy 80 Aberdeen St.

Adnan Tahirovic is a licensed osteopath (D.O.M.P), licensed massage therapist (Shiatsu, Swedish, and Tui na – one of the oldest forms of manual therapy), certified yoga therapist, internationally known Yoga teacher (, and a former professional athlete.

Appletree Medical 225 Preston St.

Appletree Medical Group is dedicated to providing the best health service to both patients and physicians.

Centretown Vet 955 Somerset St. W.

Cat and dog veterinary practice in the heart of Ottawa.

Dalewood Health Clinic 343 Preston St.

Docere Naturopathic Clinic 444 Preston St.

Your health is your greatest asset. Health is a lifelong journey. It isn't about big, dramatic changes. It's about how the little things add up. Learning is a key part of healing. Making new healthy habits should be fun, and makes healthy living feel easier and enjoyable.

Esthetique Facial Angle 7 Sidney St.

Facial Angle owner Sylvie Lapointe is a certified professional esthetician and make-up artist who graduated with honors from Versailles Academy, owning and operating her studio, Facial Angle, since graduation.

First Step Physiotherapy 73 Aberdeen St.

ISM Immune System Management-Aminomics 80 Aberdeen St.

ISM is a life sciences and biotechnology company at the forefront of individualized, science-based, natural health and wellness. We have helped thousands of clients worldwide maintain a healthy immune and metabolic system through our customized, targeted amino acid / micronutrient support program. With over two decades of focused research and clinical application, ISM is the only global source for Aminomics™.

The Ottawa Clinic 343 Preston St.

Our certified plastic surgeons and skin cancer doctors combine advanced training, valuable experience and access to fully accredited facilities to provide you with the safest and most effective procedures.