Get to Know the People on Preston

Jen Broad

“With Bridgehead it’s not dealing with money it’s dealing with people. It all filters down. If I feel valued and respected at work then my employees feel the same and the customers feel the same as well.”

“The roastery is very much the hub of our company. We do our roasting here, we have our warehouse here. We bake bread and make croissants here. We’re going to start milling our own grain for our bread as well. We’re really starting to take our craft into our own hands. We love to be connected with our community both locally and globally. The grain really brings in our local community. We’re working with local farmers to get that. And the coffee is connecting us on a global level, connecting us with the farmers who cultivate those coffee crops.”

“We have 15 Bridgeheads in Ottawa and they’re all unique to the communities that they’re set in. We’re not a cookie cutter box store. Every one has its own feel. The roastery is a bit of a destination location for many, but it’s very much its own neighbourhood.”

“I’ve lived in the area for eight years. It’s such a luxury to live a pedestrian lifestyle and stop at the Italian grocers on the way home to pick up your meats and cheeses. You don’t have to go far. There’s so much in this neighbourhood.”


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