Get to Know the People on Preston

Suzana and Rino Franzese

“We used to come to the previous café at this location. This is actually where we met and started dating. When it came up for sale we said ‘Let’s go for it.’” – Suzana

“I worked for a construction company, she worked at Preston Hardware. In the mornings we’d stop in for coffee. We’d cross paths every day. It started from there.” – Rino

“Amici means ‘friends.’ This is where people meet their friends.” – Suzana

“Most people who come in here come from the neighbourhood. People are meeting people they went to school with; I’m talking 40 years ago. It’s not only friends you have now, it’s friends from the past and the future.” – Rino

“I grew up on Booth Street. When my parents first came to Canada they lived on Louisa Street. I grew up in the area and my whole life I stayed in the area. My dad used to bring me to the old-style cafes. I always liked it.” – Rino
“I grew up just off Preston Street. I’m still there. Same house and everything. I went to St. Anthony’s School.” – Suzana

“Everyone on Preston’s got a little niche. We have the social aspect; that’s our niche. Plus, we know everybody. We all help each other out. That’s what makes it a great community.” – Rino


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